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[09 Dec 2004|03:38pm]


I was talking to a friend of mine that I had known for a few years and over the summer recently met, Caroline.
And she told me that for the past few weeks she was thinking about her and I starting a "witchshop", so I told her about the business.
I decided I would talk the both of you about possibly having her work with us as well; I think it would be especially good since she is graduating this year and will have a business degree, she also seems to have some very good ideas, and is metaphysically inclined.
Another main reason I think it would be a good idea for her to join the business, would be so that while both of you are away in Minnesota and Florida, I will have someone fairly local to help with business dealings here.
Because I certainly don't want to get myself into something I haven't an idea how to handle or craft, depending on the situation.
And I certainly do not have any prier experience in this, so it would be much easier when not working alone[And with someone trusting]; at least in my opinion.

I thought I'd mention it in this community, incase it was missed in my personal journal.
I already talked to Carl about it and he was worried about splitting the profit with another person.
But I honestly think it would help us if she was with us, since she has a lot of ideas that are good and know-how in the business area.
She knows how to sew and mentioned doing things like pouches, altar cloths, cloaks, etc.

"Future648 (2:35:14 PM): if carl can do all that stuff, can we make sceptors too?
Future648 (2:35:27 PM): and put our own stones in them.
Future648 (2:35:42 PM): sceptors go for a lot of money."
I'm not even exactly sure what they are [hah], but I was thinking glass?
The image I had in my mind seemed pretty neat, but I really don't know.

She seems to have a lot of energy to put into this, and she seems to have the same ideals we do when it comes to the philosophy of our store;

"Future648 (2:40:37 PM): I realized this, but I kept saying throughout my life, that I wanted to do many things. Everything I wanted to do was creative, and totally expressive of myself/artistic, and I would starve. Every time I tried to pick a career field that was more practical, it always came up as arts and entertainment = starving artist. When you said last night that you wanted to express yourself in everything you did/made, soemthing to that effect, I realized that I've been wanting to do that for a living for the longest time. I didn't know the way to get there though. I guess there's a way clear and free."

I told her I couldn't giv her any answer until I talked to the both of you, and I already talked to Carl a bit.
I think maybe we could have a phone conference about it.

I just don't like the idea of me working here alone for two years when I don't know what I'm doing, really.
And since Carl is leaving a lot earlier then planned, we can't do the stuff we originally were going to.
[Like the jewelry classes we were supposed to take together, but I guess I can try to do those anyway]
And depending on when the incense supplies get here, since he was the one who researched how to do it and was going to show me.
But hopefully they'll get here like next week and he can still do that.

Also, my father has been wanting to rent out the room upstairs for a while, so perhaps if she can join us, I could have him rent it out to her, which would make things pretty convenient for business aspects here.

::: Become The Centre Mind.

[30 Nov 2004|05:09pm]


Actually, I think I counted my money wrong.

I think I have 100 $ less then I thought I did.
That's okay.

::: Become The Centre Mind.

[30 Nov 2004|04:52pm]


Okay, I think things are going pretty good so far, I just need to get my checks cashed so I can send out for products and supplies.

I think the first few candles came out really well, except the very top layer needs to be poured at a higher temperature, I didn't quite solidify fully, I don't think.
I made a mental note to pour at a higher temperature then they tell you to, since obviously it needs to be a little higher.
They're really nice though, and it isn't too hard to make them [You just need a good amount of time], we just need to get more molds so we can make more then three at a time.

I have a little over 300 $, which will all be being put into this business since I don't have other expenses.

  • Incense;
    Est. 70 $
  • Alchemy Gothic Products;
    100 $ Minimum Order
  • Weaponry [iii spiked clubs to be carved and customized by us];
    50 $

    I should have about 100 $ left over which I will most likely use for molds, since we need more of those.

    I just asked my dad if he cashed my checks yet for me, and he said no but that he had money he could give me now.
    So he gave me 100 $.
    Tomorrow I may go with Carl, or just by myself if he doesn't come over, and get a money order for incense supplies, but first I have to get the website fom Carl with the supplies on it so I know what to order.

    Also, I found a site to host our site and buy a domain name.
    After we have some more product to sell, Carl is going to purchase it.
    It will be;
    And our hosting site will be;

    It will cost about 70.60 $ per year.
    Combining the hosting charges and domain name charges.

    Unless we can find something cheaper, I think this one will do.

    I can't wait to start working on it!!

  • ::: Become The Centre Mind.

    [16 Nov 2004|04:01am]


    I'm sorry we couldn't all talk more last night!

    But Carl and I did come up with a pretty extensive list of products we could carry, or will be able to carry.

    General Categories;
  • Candles
  • Jewelry
    One of a kind, hand-made
  • Soap
    Other bath products, Dead Sea salts?
  • Photography
    Prints, poetically narrated themed books [This I really want to do]
  • Incense
  • Herbs
    Possibly home-grown
  • Crystals

  • Candle Holders
  • Door Knobs
  • Fireplace Accessories
  • Hinges
  • Furniture
  • Fences
  • Chandeliers
  • Weaponry
  • Sculpture
  • Metal/Porcelain or Glass combinations
  • Incense Holders
    All sub-categories of course being ornately done, something hard to find; especially at reasonable prices.

  • Masques
  • Custom Rune Sets
    Custom, being as there many different types of Runes, etc. I will probably also make general sets.
  • Metal/Porcelain or Glass combinations
  • Incense Holders
    I have a few proto-type ideas for these, although they weren't meant to be incense burners.
  • Decorative/Sculpture

  • Beads
  • Sculpture
  • Bottles
  • Cups
  • Metal/Porcelain or Glass combinations
    Hand-blown glass goes for a lot of money.

    I eventually also want to work on clothing, but not for a while, or at least until we get a few of the general categories of products created and selling.
    Sometime this week/weekend Carl and I are going to see how we do with the candles, I'll write about it in here.
    I'm also going to call the Hallmark store I applied at tomorrow and see if I can get that job there working nights.
    That will help with supplies and whatnot.

    I found this for registering a business in New Jersey;
    But since we're changing the name of an existing business I'm sure it doesn't help at all.

    I guess the main things we need to focus on to get this business started, in reference to products, are the candles and incense.
    I know Carl's been doing research on price on bulk incense sticks/concentrated oil and he said he has a site we can order a lot of the candle supplies, like most of the molds and the wax.
    I found a site that has the female and male molds that look pretty good.
    I ordered a catelog from that site, so once I get a two dollar money order! I can receive that and see what else they have to offer that we can't find anywhere else for cheaper.
    They have over 400 + different styles of candle molds.

    I think at first we should just stick to shipping in the US, I honestly don't know anthing about shipping prices.
    But, I'm guessing the buyer pays for shipping, so we'd probably just have to do some research on how much it costs to ship to certain places over seas.

    I agree with getting a joint business account once this gets started, that will make it easy to accept other forms of payment besides money orders and checks.
    I also agree with what Carl said about accepting checks being okay, since we'd be noting on the website we won't ship until the check clears.

    About your living situation, I think it's at least good that you have prior notice for the moving, etc. so you have time to save up for getting your own place.
    I'd recommend NOT putting any money into the business until you get your own place and have that all settled, since you having a place to live is a lot more important then business supplies right now.
    I know this probably won't help much but I'll try to look on-line for places for rent near you, what is your price range?

    Hey, I just found this;
    It might come in handy somehow.
    *shrug* Maybe not.

    On advertising.
    I think all of us can do what we can to advertise, on-line and around our areas.
    I personally really love advertising and spreading the word about certain things.
    We can of course use livejournal as a source of advertisements, we could make this community public and let our customers tell us what they'd like to see in our store, etc.
    I don't want our business to end up overly corperate...

  • Another idea; we should sell Blood-letting devices.
    Are there any legalities for things like that?

  • ::: 2 Within Eternity | Become The Centre Mind.

    [15 Nov 2004|03:19pm]



    So far for the website I have;

    I know it isn't much of anything!
    Just an intro page, but I need to know what kind of image we should use for the intro page image.
    Like if it should be a landscape with text, or an image of products [black background, white products; transparent... but that seems so over-done on all shoppe websites...].
    It'd be better if we could get together and take some photographs together so it could be an image of both of us, AND maybe things we will be selling.
    [In my masques would be neat... ]

    Speaking of things we will be selling...
    We'll need to carry herbs.
    What's a metaphysical store without herbs!

    Should we grow our own to dry and sell?
    I'd prefer that but it will take a good amount of work, I think.

    I want to try to stay away from getting mass produced items, and keeping it personal.


    I have so much energy after quitting my job!

    Input, input, input.

    ::: 2 Within Eternity | Become The Centre Mind.

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